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HPI Racing accepts submissions from all aspiring journalists and writers for car themed articles, including especially Formula 1 news and high performance cars. If you are interested in writing for us, please contact us on editor@hpracing.co.uk or use the contact form below.

We also have other websites which suit all topics so feel free to get in touch for more information.

Write a F1 or high performance car guest post

We often get asked if we accept guest posts submissions, and we do and we believe our reader deserve to get wide  variety of views and news on the F1 season and latest top range cars.

If you submit an informative and high-quality  high performance car article then we will promote you as the author, giving you exposure to a larger audience. If popular you could become a regular paid contributor to the car blog.

If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please contact us at editor@hpracing.co.uk with your written article or submit via the contact form form below.

We also accept article submissions where no credit is given.

We are always looking for regular contributors so if you want to write for a specific car blog then just get in touch.

Please read the house rules below before submitting a sports guest post or an article for submission.

Guest Post Guidelines

Length: A minimum of 500 words. We may split articles longer than 1500 into a series

Paragraphs: Divide your content into clear and short paragraphs to make it more readable.

Links: All links out cannot breach google policy and should be informative. Please do not submit promotional links unless you have discussed this first.

Media:  If you have a preference on what copyright-free images you want to use, please include these with your article.

Guest posts content we like

Our readers come here for car blogs, so they’re looking for articles that are interesting. It should be easy to read, informative, relevant, and engaging content. We welcome a wide range of views on Formula 1  and also news on new and old car models.

Guest posts we don't like

We don’t like guest posts that are promotional ads, this is not advertising space. You can advertise with us if that’s what you want to do. Please make sure the content is unique and respect other writers by not just copying from others. We also insist the articles are in English and well written to match our readers.

While we get that sports such as F1 can invoke emotion, and some racers are subjected to abuse for poor performance, we don’t tolerate any derogatory, homophobic, misogynistic, or racist comments. We will not allow our website to be a platform for vitriol and ranting. 

What we need

If you want to be a guest writer, then we need a bio and social media links

House Rules

Be unique
All articles and posts should be your own creation. You can get inspiration from other sources you find in your research, but give credit and please be mindful of copyright laws. Our readers want engaging and interesting content, not re-hashes of other peoples hard work. We are one of many car blogs that accept submissions and guest posts, so please don’t circulate the same work between us.

Be relevant
We’re a cars site, so that’s what our audience wants to see. We are happy to accept informational and interesting F1 and high performance car guest posts. We don’t want topics that are not related. That said, we have other sites that might suit that topic.

Be careful
All articles must be factual, and must not incite or defame and we will reject or edit offending articles. Being controversial and having strong opinions is fine, we will not censor you. But I’ll repeat we won’t publish anything if you are insulting, abusive, derogatory, homophobic, misogynistic, or racist.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an aspiring sports writer, will you publish my work?

Yes, we would love to help aspiring writers get published, but only if it is good content, has no hidden agenda and the content is on F1. We get many emails from people just pretending this is the case. Get in touch if you are genuine, as we’d love to help. We love good quality content and so do our readers. If you want to send your article to be read and considered by the editor, then complete the form below or send the article to editor@hpracing.co.uk. If you just send a brief email with links to other work, then we will assume you are spam and likely send you a canned response back or ignore it.

I have a few ideas; can I email them to you?
Yes, please do as we are more than happy to discuss ideas. But be aware we get many emails daily and it might get mistaken for spam. In which case you really need to avoid not tools for mass-emailing or work on your elevator pitch

Can anything help me get published?
It’s actually very simple. If you provide quality content with relevant outbound links then it WILL be published. It helps to be eloquent in your email, as this would be reflective of your writing style. And if you are serious, send what you want to get published. 

I work for a company, can we write a guest post?
Yes, but the same rules apply. We’d happily discuss with anyone, we just prefer you to be honest from the beginning on your agenda. We will respond to every email, even the spambots. If you represent a company, just be upfront about your intentions and we will be equally honest back on how we can work together.

Please note, we will instantly cut contact if any masquerade or deception is uncovered. 

I have other content types other than Sport, can I send it?
Yes, we own other sites that cover all niches. 

Will you edit our post?
Only if necessary and for the following reasons:

  • Spelling: We will correct typos and might change the spelling in your post to English for consistency. This will not apply if you are writing about American Sports.
  • Clarity:  We may edit to increase clarity and help with readability.
  • Grammar:  We may make grammatical changes.
  • Links: To help put the post in context we will link to similar articles of the same topic.  We may out link to third party websites to help reader understanding.
  • Images:  We will always add a featured image and in the post so please send any copyright-free you want to use. 
  • Meta: If you want to ensure meta data is added, please provide this. This should be a relevant and clear description of the article.

Submit a F1/High Performance Car Guest Post

You can submit a Formula 1 or high performance car blog guest post directly below by attaching a word or PDF file.